Horse Riding in Kefalonia





Enjoy a horse riding excursion and see nature’s beauty

Excursion A – 1 hour – 25 euro

You can either choose

  1. We ride up to the mountains and into the countryside and pass oliv- and fruitplantage.
  2. We ride through a forest to a plateau. We have a fantastic view over Sami Bay and to the islands Ithaka and Lefkas.

Excursion B– 1 ½ hours or 2 hour – 37.5 or 50 euro

We ride through and old donkey trail to an old village where there is a wine place, we visit another village ruined by the 1953 earthquake and we enjoy the beautiful view over Ithaka and Lefkas.

Excursion C – 3 hours – 75 euro

You can either choose

  1. We ride in the countryside and visit an old village with a beautiful view over the sea.
  2. We go to the monastery Fanetes up to the mountain with a fantastic view over Ithaka and Lefkas.

Excursion D – 4 hours – 100 euro

You can either choose

  1. We ride up to the mountain and then down to the sea for a break. If you want you can swim with the horses. After that we go back to the stable through a big olive plantation in a canyon. If you like you can visit the Drogerati-Cave.
  2. We go through a canyon high up on the mountain with a fantastic view along the way. After two hours we habe a break. We go down using an old goat trail and back to the stable.

Excursion E – 2 day-trip: 8 hours riding incl. food  180 euro

This trip brings us to an old riverbed, an old olivegrove and we will pass two old ruined village from the earthquake (filmplace Captain Corelli‘s). In one of these places we will have a greek picnic. From there we continue high up in the mountains and stay over night in tents or sleep under the sky and have a candlelight dinner with housewine. The next day on the way back to the stable we will pass by the sea and we continue the way up through the mountains and have a wonderful view to the country- and seaside.

Excursion F – 7 hours riding incl. picnic 110 euro, groups over 4 people 10% discount

Day trip to the monasteries, to the caves and the film places of Captain Corelli‘s mandoline. At 9‘o clock in the morning we ride to the monastery Fanetes with a beautiful view of Sami and over the sea to the neighbour islands of Ithaka and Lefkas and to the beach Antisami. From there we leave to a lonely bay where we can swim with the horses in the beautiful water. Then we have our picnic and we rest for two hours. After this we ride to Sami through olive groves. If you want you can visit the Melissani- or Drogerati-Cave. We go back in an old river bed to the stable