..Agia Eufimia, the most central point in the island and the passage to  north Kefalonia. From this point, the main attractions and the largest ports of the island are just 10 and 20 km away respectively. Agia Eufimia is located together with another 24 villages on a valley that is surrounded by two mountains, Dinati at the south and Kalon Oros at the west.

..the uprisng resort of Kefalonia. The small port of Agia Eufimia is becoming year by year a must yacht destination. Thousands of boats and yachts from allover the world arrive in Agia Eufimia during the summer period. Restaurants, cafes and small bars along the harbor offer a pleasant evening and a quiet nightlife.

…the market of Agia Eufimia with traditional bakeries, supermarkets and shops with souvenirs and gifts surpass your expectations. All these elements harmonically coexist to make your summer walks endless.