…in a bite of a Kefalonian kreatopita (mince pie) the most delicious layers of potato, mince meat, rice, tomato, and garlic combined with parsley aroma. Mince pie is the most famous local dish.


…the most delicious snack, riganada,  baked or not salted slices of brown bread  with olive oil smash tomatoes and oregano. It is combined with salty sardine or cheese.


…the sharpness of the Kefalonian aliada. Potatoes, garlic and juice from cod together are mixed in the mortar.  The difference of Kefalonian aliada compared to others recipies of smashed potato around Greece is that in Kefalonia they use only garlic and potatoes without bread or nuts. Kefalonian housewifes served it with cod and oil in order to smooth garlic’s sharpness.


…tomato and egg with feta cheese in their summery edition. Strapatsada or kagiana is the most delicious subversion of scrable eggs, omelet


…the most amazing combination of vegetables, greens and aromatics in a Kefalonian vegetable pie.  Spinach, leek, chard beet, juicy tomatoes, anise, fennel, celery and parsley are inside are inside its crunchy crisp.